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          Automobile Chain

          Automobile Chain

          In the field of automobile engine, we have provided original supporting equipment for more than ten main engine manufacturers such as Geely, Byd, Jiangling ford, Jiangxi isuzu, etc., and successfully entered the procurement system of Honda motor.
          The company takes the development and manufacturing of automobile chain system as the strategic focus, and cooperates with Jilin university to establish the industry-leading Qingdao automobile chain technology development center of chain transmission research institute of Jilin university.Under the auspices of many doctoral supervisors, the company has the leading system development ability in China, and can fully participate in the development and design of automotive engine chain drive system.

          Supporting Manufacturers:
          • HONDA
          • JIANGLING FORD
          • ISUZU
          • Geely
          • BYD
          • Knorr
          • FAW
          • FOTON
          Automobile Chain Technology character
          1.Pin surface Cr-v altogether permeability, enhance the wear resistance
          2. Import Of Raw Material
          3. Imported Equipment Manufacturers
          4. Isothermal Treatment
          5. Roller With Oil Hole
          6. Chain Plate Bright Cut Processing